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From our humble beginning in 2002 to a national distributor, the Chilla Beverage Co has innovated
the beverage market through trend leadership and service delivery.

It is the personal touch that has guided the success of our company and it’s our pledge to continue the passion
and unique connection throughout our endeavors.

Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Chilla is leading the way with innovative
flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality – being a leading manufacturer of gourmet beverages.

The vast well recognized franchises we supply is testimony to the high standard we set for our products
and service levels. The products we manufacture rangefrom blended ice coffees, fruit smoothies, hot chocolates,
cocktail & coffee syrups, chocolate sticks, slush, gourmet sauces, coffee, milkshake syrups and frozen yoghurt.

Our philosophy is simple: always create; always deliver.

The result of our commitment has seen us grow into a leading provider of quality beverages
across Southern Africa, the USA and the UK.



We at Chilla believe that our success is based on strong relationships with the finest global ingredient suppliers and interaction with world markets that keeps us ahead of the competition. By understanding our customers needs, we have managed to produce product lines that are innovative and of the highest quality. It’s a unique offering that ensures a seamless solution to the market place.


We partner with our customers in custom blending. Our R & D team has extensive experience in cross- functional fields within the beverage industry. We have the technological & creative capabilities to develop product matches, custom formulations, formula cost reductions and product extensions within our modern R & D laboratory.


Good brands need great support. All our marketing material is supplied with a holistic point of view. We offer our customers a fully integrated in- store marketing solution with attention grabbing branding and a message that tells the Chilla story to consumers. This includes table talkers, posters, counter tops, menu development, and mixologists to assist with your beverage development as well as our library of professionally shot images.

We have a strong social media presence and keen in working together with our clients on joint promotions and marketing.


With our national distribution infrastructure and sales team in place, we offer unparalleled customer service levels that are reliable & efficient, accompanied by the close relationships we have with our clients. We understand that service is non-negotiable and value every client.

We are privileged to supply the biggest franchises in the country that trust Chilla to be an integral part of their menu. We hope to be part of yours too.


Chilla is the exclusive distributor of Italian made Elmeco slush machines. Known for their high level of quality and reliability we ensure that our products are prepared and dispensed correctly always offering customers a consistent quality drink.

We offer our clients purchase or rental options backed-up with a nationwide service department.


Our factories are state of the art facilities adhering to the strictest international food health & safety standards being Haasap or ISO9001 compliant.

All our products are both Kosher & Halaal certified.


Training is central & a critical component to the success of us providing the best finished product to the public. Training your staff has never been simpler. Our training manuals are picture illustrated – making it super easy for your staff to make a great Chilla. Our staff will provide initial on site training, as well as intermittent refresh training based on your needs.


Because our products are versatile & easy to work with, our world-class mixology team have been able to create hundreds of recipes based on our customers needs. We offer our clients a full mixology service for menu & recipe innovation – all customised to your unique offering.